Legacy Email Editor

The Email Content Editor allows you to create the contents of your email without knowing HTML.

The Email Content Editor is used in Step 2 -Content of the Email Publisher.

1. Go to Email Campaigns on the main navigation menu.

2. Go to any Email Campaign Step 2 – Content to change or add content.

3. Once in Step 2 – Content you can use the Content Editor. 

4. Mouse over and click the editable areas of the email to show the Content Editor Tool Bar.

Content Editor Tool Bar

After you have finished with your changes select the Save button.

To cancel all changes select the Cancel button.


Some buttons on the toolbar bar can become active or not active when editing your email content. When a button is active it will be darker. For example, when you select an image in the content editor the Edit Image Properties icon will become active. Also, certain buttons on the toolbar will toggle On/Off when clicked. When On, a button will appear darker than the other buttons. For example, click the Visual Aids button to toggle it On/Off.

Click on the list below for more information about each button on the toolbar:



Paste As Text  

Clear Formatting  



Find and Replace  

View HTML  

Visual Aids  


Font Sizes  

Text Color  




Content Alignment  

Bulleted List  

Numbered List  

Decrease Indent  

Increase Indent  

Text Background Color  




Add or Edit Link  

Remove Link  

Insert or Edit Table  

Insert Image or File  

Edit Image Properties  

Insert Contact Data or System Tag  

Insert Coupon  

Insert Horizontal Line  

Insert or Edit Anchor  

Insert Special Characters  


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