Configuring a Template

To edit a template that already exists:

1. Go to Email Campaigns on the main navigation menu.
2. Select the Template Library.
3. In the section labeled Custom Templates
4. Hover your mouse over a Custom Template and select Configure.

Template Information

1. Enter a Name for the Template.
2. Select Type – The type will affect where the template shows in the application and how it can be used:

Newsletter:  Most commonly used for all general purposes.
Birthday or Anniversary: These templates will show under E-cards.
Date: Combine this type with a custom date field to create your own date based E-card like email campaign.
3. Default Subject – Subject will be prefilled with this subject when the template is used.
4. Allow Subject Changes – Uncheck here if you don’t want the subject to be changed.

Template Files


HTML – Upload your local HTML file for email template.
Select Automatically retrieve images that have an absolute URL image source.  Big time saver, select here to retrieve images so you don’t have to upload them separately.
Images – Upload your local image files for the email template.
Thumbnail – The system with auto-generate a thumbnail for you, but if you want to upload your own you can do that here.

Image Paths will automatically be rewritten for the local application system path. If you are using an image for tracking that needs a remote image path, contact support to turn on remote image paths.


• HTML – Download the HTML file for email content. You can also view the current file for this email.
Images – Hover over uploaded image files to see a  thumbnail preview of it. You can delete images if necessary.

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