Using Anchor Tags

Placing Anchors allows your reader to jump to a particular location in the email.

The Table of Contents at the top of your newsletter can have anchors to link directly to the specific article sections.

1. Select the text or link you want use for the anchor tag. For example, this would be the table of contents link.
2. Select the Insert/Edit link icon in the menu bar.
3. Enter for the link
Any name can be used, as long as it matches up with Step 6.
4. Select in the section of the text where you want to link to go to.  For example, this would be the article that you want to link to.
5. Select the <> icon in the menu bar for the code view.
6. Prepend the anchor tag as follows in the beginning of the html text in the code view:
<a name=”Article1″></a>
7. Add more anchors as needed, changing Article1 to Article2, for example.

For our legacy editor.

1. Place your cursor where you want your Anchor Link to jump to within your email content.
2. Go to More>Insert
3. Select Anchor
4. Select and enter a Name for the Anchor.
5. Select Ok.
6. You will now see a small  Anchor visual aid added your edit view where the Anchor was inserted.
7. Repeat this process for any other parts of your email content that you want to jump to.
8. Select the text you want to use as the Anchor Link.
9. To link to an Anchor,  Click the  Add/Edit link icon on the toolbar.
10. DO NOT enter any text in the URL field.
11. Text to display is the text the reader will see.
12. Optionally, use the Title field to create an alt tag. When your reader hovers over the link, a tooltip will with a display with the Title text.
13. Select the Anchor from the Anchors drop-down menu.
14. In the Target field select the Same window.
15. Select Ok.
16. Repeat this process for any other Anchor Links.

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