Contact Search

1. Go to  Contacts >  Search on the main navigation menu.
2. Select your search criteria in one or more fields.
3. Click the Search Contacts button to begin your search.
4. A View Contacts screen will open listing the Contacts who fit your search criteria.
5. To save the search to use at a later time, click the  Save as List link on the toolbar.

Search Criteria

Email  (Use * to wildcard match)
First Name
Last Name
Address 2
Zip  (Use * to wildcard match)

Subscriptions Status (All, Active, Deactivated)
Engagement Status (All, Engaged, UnEngagaged, Custom)

Lists (select 1 or more lists)


Enroll Date 
Enroll Method (Sign Up Form, Public Form, API, Imported, User Form)
Unsubscribe Date
Deactivation Reason (Unsubscribed, Complained, Bounced, Manually Deactivated)

Last Sent Date
Last Open Date
Last Click Date
Best Open Time
Best Click Time

Email Domain  (i.e. “”)
Custom Fields (Additionally, you can search values within a Custom Field)

Advanced Searching

Searching can be a very powerful tool for list hygiene.

For example, let’s say that you want to deactivate all contacts who have never opened any emails and exclude contacts who signed up in the last year.

•Select Subscription Status  “Active”
•Select Last Open Date  “Never Opened”
•Select Enroll Date “to” as 1 year ago
•Select Search Contacts

In the Contact view, you can now “Select All” and deactivate.


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