Gravity Forms Plugin

You will also need to first install our WordPress Plugin.

To add the Gravity Forms Plugin, login to your WordPress backend and upload the .zip file provided from the official Gravity Forms website. Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to your Plugins tab and activate the Gravity Forms Plugin.

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you must enter your product license key you received from Gravity Forms when purchasing the plugin.

Connecting to our WordPress Plugin

How to Add Contacts from Gravity Forms 

Creating a From

Create a form in the Gravity Forms Plugin.

Creating a Feed

Create a feed to by either hovering over the name of an existing form and selecting Settings or, selecting Settings when you have a single form open, then select the tab our name on it.

Editing a Feed

 After selecting “Add New” or “create one!” you should see the following fields:

Name: The name you want the feed to be.

Lists: Select from the lists that you’ve created in your email account for the contact submissions to go in to. You can pick as many as you want, but you need to choose at least one.

Map Fields: Connect the fields from the form to the fields you want to import to our application. These fields will vary depending on how you’ve designed your form, but they can potentially all be imported to the email platform.

You must use the advanced fields for email addresses, a normal text field will not work.

Conditional Logic: When you select this option, the form submissions will only be exported to your email account when those conditions are met. If you don’t have it selected all submissions will be exported.

An example of using this logic could be for getting contacts in a specific state. If you’re wanting to import only people from Colorado, you could create conditional logic that states: Only export contacts who’s phone number starts with 720 as an area code.

When you are finished editing the feed select “Update Settings” to save the feed.

Activating a Feed

Once you have saved your feed settings click on the tab with our name on it and that will bring you back to the list of all the feeds you’ve created for your Gravity Form through us. To activate a feed, toggle it on. The toggle will glow green. To deactivate a feed, toggle it off. The toggle will be grey.

Feeds are specific to the form. If you want to have the feed working on a second form, you’ll have to recreate the feed.

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