Standard Sign Up Form Link

Your forms will have built in invisible Google Captcha to prevent unwanted forms being submitted. Occasionally the Captcha challenge will appear.  Do not add your own Captcha because that may conflict with the built in one. The Standard Sign up Form Link will create a link which you can then […]

Integrations Overview

Go to Account > Integrations on the left navigation menu. Social Media Facebook 1. Select “Connect to Facebook” 2. Enter your Facebook login credentials. 3. If you are already connected, you will see a Connected status and additional “Test Connection” and “Disconnect” buttons. Twitter 1. Select “Connect to Twitter” 2. […]

Logging In

 Enter your Username and Password to login. If the account cannot be located you can use the Username or Password recovery. Forgot Username  1. Select “Forgotten your username?” 2. Enter your Email Address.  If you enter the wrong email address a prompt will pop up, indicating that the address you entered can’t […]

Quick Start Guide

To get started sending your Email Campaigns, log into your account.  If you have forgotten your login information, use the Forgot Username or Password? on the login page.  Your first tasks will be to Add Contacts, Start an Email Campaign, Publish the Email and then Track the Results. We recommend starting simple and then tackling some […]